Selected note in shortcuts

Agenda has a great Applescript function, which allows me to work with the selected note. I used this all the time, and it’s very useful.

I can’t seem to figure out how to do this in Shortcuts (or x-callback-url would be fine, as I can call it from Shortcuts) - is this possible?

It’s indeed not possible yet, we’ll try to add it soon.

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In Agenda 16 we’re adding the shortcuts that allow getting the selected note and project


Excellent! I don’t know if I’d missed it or if it’s new, but the functionality to get the selected title and project seemed to be in x-callback-url and this worked great for me in a recent shortcut.

I was able to hack a workaround to get the title and project of any note (if I know its ID) by calling the note URL from shortcuts, to open the note, and then calling x-callback URLs to get title and then project.

I did notice that this fails to get project if user happens be in On The Agenda - since opening a new note does not then change the project - but I work around this by programmatically opening a different project first.