Select the preferred Mail app

I know one of the strengths of Agenda is the integration with core Mac Apps…

But I do wish it used the default mail app when one is set other than Apple Mail. Any chance of that for this MailMate user?

If I drag an email in as an attachment, that works fine but when I double click on it to return to the email, Agenda launches who offers to import all the messages I’ve not yet loaded (which would be thousands…).


1+ for this option.

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This is a setting in the default

Open --> preferences — > general —> Default email reader.

Changes will apply to all mail links on your system. This bothered me for years until I figured it out!


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I just downloaded MailMate, set it as my default email application, and dragged an email into Agenda, and it still opens in Apple Mail. I think this has something to do with how Agenda handles email links.

Ah, I missed the dragging part. I just tested (with a default mail client of Airmail) and I get the same behavior - it opens in

I was bummed to learn that I can’t drag in emails from Spark. I hadn’t tried before.

We did look into this, but could not find any way to get a spark specific link. Perhaps we can one day add a choice of default mail clients, but seems like Apple should really do that in the system.

Interestingly in this podcast it was suggested by Apple’s former head of AppStore review that they on purposely haven’t put those default options for Calendar and Mail apps in to prevent Google and Facebook to take over the device with their apps and turn your iPhone in a Google or Facebook phone…

Hopefully that now that that danger has kind of gone they will change their mind and add the proper system wide preferences at some point…


When link to Microsoft Outlook which many are required for work?

A workaround!

Okay, you can set the ‘Open With’ preference for an email message in the Finder with the good ole Info panel.

  • drag an email to the desktop say.
  • Cmd+i to get the info panel, choose the Open With popup
  • Choose Mailmate (and I presume Spark or Outlook depending on what you have)
  • Hit the Change All button and confirm.

And now dragged emails in Agenda, when double-clicked, will launch correctly in your preferred email app.