Select text and surround with double or single quotes and backticks

It’d be great to be able to highlight some text, and then type any of, ‘(’, {, [, `, ', ", *, _, and possibly < and / to have the indicated corresponding opening marker as well as its closer ), }, ], `, ', ", ‘*’, ‘_’, >, and / to surround the item. The backticks, quotes, and asterisks in particular are, I find, a frequent need, especially with Agenda understanding backticks and asterisks (and underscores) as code. Maybe even applying double-tildes when typing a tilde over text for applying strike-through. Less burden on memory.

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Nice suggestion. We’ll take it on board. Thanks!

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And just in case you can address this in one go–since the backtick replacements are not a regular key command like bold which can be unbolded with the same stroke, there is no un-doing the inline code mode as far as I am aware. So if I surround with backticks and then decide I want more text after the inline code, I don’t know any way to undo the formatting (besides going to the next line, adding regular text, and then deleting into the previous line with the inline code). The same would apply to asterisk or underscore surrounding if you were adding those as they apply actual formatting.

(And one minor issue–the back-tick inline code formatting is hard to distinguish from surrounding text in dark mode!)

Note that you can just select the preformatted text, and just apply body paragraph style to it to remove the formatting. Don’t know if that is a solution for you.

Thanks, but besides being less convenient, even applying the “Body text” styling option isn’t working to undo preformatted text…

So you are on the Mac?

On iOS, you would select the text and go to the paragraph styles on the keyboard bar, and unselect preformatted.

Right, on a Mac.