Sections in a project to classify different kinds of notes

I really love the production. But I found it’s unconventional to maintain notes in a project. Cause there usually might be different kinds (maybe section) of notes, like tasks、plans and so on. But if I use a note as a section like the sample project Developing Yak App does, I have to use checklist as task, while the smallest unit to assign a date is note.

It can require a bit of trial and error to find the right balance between what goes within a note as a section (using headings, bold text, lists), or what would constitute a new note. Best is to just try some things out and pretty soon you’ll find what works best for you is what I found.

The problem is only notes can be assigned a date. If I use a note as a section, there’s is no way I can assign a date to the lists within the note.

This is correct, you can however use tags to label list items with certain due dates. See “Due tags” in Searching and Filtering

I got. That’s what I want. Thanks. But still It’s not convenient to specify the date of a due tag. Considering a more friendly way to do this?

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