Second window

I understand from other threads that there are plans to make it possible to work on one note while viewing others. This will take Agenda up a whole level for me, helping me use a Agenda as a thinking tool.

But… on Mac, please allow the option of opening two windows, to make use of dual monitors.

While a third column type solution would be an improvement on the status quo, two windows on dual monitors would be much more flexible.


We’ll consider it, but I think our focus initially will be to split off a note from the main window. That will be a second window, but not a full main window copy, if that makes sense.


Hi @drewmccormack - that sounds good! I’m not looking for a duplicate main window, ’simply’ the ability to have two windows. If one is the current standard window, and the second is window displaying a separate note, that would be great.

The main thing to to be able to drag the two windows to different monitiors.


Great, then it sounds we’re in sync :smiley:


Will we be able to split off multiple notes into their own windows? That would be fantastic for setting up my main notes using Divvy.

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That’s the idea yes.


Outstanding! Thanks