Searching Titles

What I did: I typed “Markdown” (without the quotation marks) into the search bar of one of my projects

What happened: It only showed notes with the word Markdown in the body text

What I expected: I expected it to also show notes that has the word Markdown in the title

Even when I used the “Search All” function, it only showed notes with the word in the body text.
In the “How To” section of this forum, it says that Agenda’s search feature searches both the notes and titles, but I can’t seem to get it to search the titles at all.
This doesn’t just happen with the word “Markdown” it happens with any words.
Any assistance would be appreciated.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): on both mac version (Agenda 2.2.1) and iOS version (Agenda 1.2)

Hmm, that is odd. It should certainly be searching the title. I just tested to make sure of this.

Could there be any other reason it isn’t seeing the title text? What is the context of the “Markdown” text in the title? Does editing the title cause it to be found by the search?

It seems the issue was something else entirely. I had added about 20 notes in a very short period of time - listing the plugins I use in a WordPress site I own. For some reason those 20 notes don’t show up, no matter whether I was searching words in the title or in the body text.

But after moving the notes into a different project, and moving them back, then they showed up.

Maybe the app simply hadn’t had the time to index them yet, let us know if you hit this issue again.

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This is still happening for me. Searching does not return results it should based on exact matches in the title.

Could you send some screenshots?

I wanted to add that I also have an issue with searching titles.

I play trivia at the local brewery and I keep my team number in notes. When I searched trivia in notes, it would always pop up because the title of the note was trivia. But in Agenda, when I search trivia it doesn’t highlight the title of the note. I tried to attach a screenshot from my iPad so you could see what I’m talking about.

I think you will find it does match the term in the title, but it doesn’t highlight it. The highlighting only works on note content.

If you have a note with a title, and no content, and you search for something in the title, it should appear in the search results, but there will be no highlight.

I find not highlighting the search results in a title confusing.
When I get more then one note as “Search All” result I’d like to quickly spot the finds.
Is it intended behaviour? Any rationale from user perspective?

No, not really. It’s just a technical question. More difficult to do, because the title is a different type of text area. We will see if we can improve this in future.

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I don’t think this is not the case. If the term in the title is found but simply not highlighted, when I hit Command-F the screen should scroll to show the note title including the term, even though the term in the title is not highlighted. This does not happen, so it seems that the terms in note titles are not indexed for search at all.

They are indexed but perhaps the scrolling doesn’t happen, we’ll have a look.