Searching in handwriting notes and images, documents attached


I am very lucky with Agenda right now. But I thing I am missing: searching in handwriting notes, photos and documents.

For handwriting notes it is clear what kind of use-case it is. But often I make a photograph from a whiteboard and it would be perfect, if I can search in such attachments, too.

I’ve seen that the notes app by Apple can search in such things (handwriting notes and attachments). And Noteshelf (an app for ipad for handwiting notes) is able to search and transfer my handwritings into real text, that I can copy and reuse in other apps.

Oh, thats more that I want to say, but this would be perfect if Agenda can supports this someday.


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I miss the same things…OCR, annotate PDF and search in Documents and Handnotes.

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Thanks for the feedback!

We could consider adding OCR for typed documents. In fact, we do a little bit of this in the new scan feature, though it is not used for search yet.

Unfortunately hand writing OCR is very difficult. There are products we could use to do handwriting recognition when you directly write in the app, but they are expensive, and they don’t work on general images with handwriting, only if you write in the app.

It is made more frustrating by the fact that Apple clearly do have some technology, but they do not make it available to other developers. We have put in requests for this. I don’t know why they haven’t made this available. It’s possible it only works for very specific languages, or they just want to have an advantage. Hopefully they will release it in future and we can support it.

Make an alliance with GoodNotes…please !!!