Searching for text within the body of a note returns no result

What I did:Added a considerable amount of textual information to a note.

What happened: It embedded fine and is editable as expected, but when attempting to search for a term within the body of the text I just inserted, there is no return.

What I expected: I expected the note with the text from the body I was referencing to be found, or at least when in the note itself it to be found. Currently “no matchs found” is displayed.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): latest v19 agenda with iOS 17.5.1 or macOS 14.5.

I have the same issue with notes longer than 3000 words, I fixed it by splitting long notes into smaller ones (about 1000 words each)

This might indeed be a limit that Spotlight imposes alas, we’re looking into this.

According to general searching for limits seems like perhaps a 10 MB limit on files may be a thing, but this is no where near that.

Another thing, wouldn’t it be agenda searching the contents of an agenda note that we are needing further assistance on since this is a text dump into a note rather than an attachment.

There seems to be a hardcap on the number of words Spotlight allows indexing, we’re investigating what the limit is.

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Same Problem here. Agenda doesn’t find words in certain notes and if it does find the notes the word appears in it doesn’t highlight the words. In simple terms: my search within Agenda, unfortunately, stopped working. I don’t use Spotlight.

I have a similar issue with the Search function. I used to be able to search for a specific word and in the past, it would call up all the places within Agenda where that specific word would be found. Now with the search function altered, I can no longer search a specific word at all. And it’s become tedious to have to scroll through passages just to find what I’m looking for. I miss the old search functionality.

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Highlighting the search terms is a separate issue from not finding a note, the former will return in a future update.