Searching for a tag may not work 100% for imported notes



What I did: Created tags in multiplie notes on my corporate laptop, exported as agenda files, and import on my iOS/iPad. Then search for the tag.

What happened: Imported document will not happen in the tag search results. They do appear in keyword search results.

What I expected: Search by tag works for my imported notes.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
1.3. Latest MacOS, iOS 11.3, iPhone X.


Update: a work around is to edit the imported documents so that tags would be indexed.

Would be great if tag indexing could trigger after notes are imported.


Does this problem continue forever, or is it only temporary? There can be a short delay between when a note is added, and when it gets indexed for searching, which happens in the background.



Keyword searching seems to work after a short wait. Not so sure for the indexing of tags, does not seem to resolve by itself overnight though.


Thanks for the follow up, we’ll investigate.