Search words staying highlighted after reseting search

Steps taken on Agenda for MacOS:

  1. Open a note
  2. Click on the magnifying glass (top-right) to Search
  3. Enter a word
  4. Searched words are now highlighted
  5. Delete the word from the search so that the search section is blank
  6. Previously searched words remain highlighted

After deleting the search word, I expect all highlights of the previously searched word to disappear.

Steps taken so far:
I have checked the Search All in the Overview section and the search section is also blank.

I might be missing something fairly obvious but so far I have not found a solution for the highlighted words to no longer be highlighted short of quitting and restarting Agenda.

Thank you for reporting this. I believe we have already fixed it in our development version, which should be available soon. Sorry for the trouble.


Fantastic! Thank you @drewmccormack. :+1:

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I have this same issue after taking the same steps!

It seems to correct itself if you restart the program though!

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And is this with version 9.1.1?

yes! I just verified that its 9.1.1.But, like is said if you quit the program and restart it, the ‘sticky’ hilight goes away.
i WILL say, I was doing several searches, and it only started sticking on words I searched after the 7th-8th search in the same agenda session.
BUT it did stick for each searched word ater that 7th-8th search, so a few words were ‘sticky’ highlighted at the same time.

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We are aware of this issue, but haven’t been able to track it down yet. Thanks for reporting it.

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