Search results

Is the search engine inside Agenda going to get some love anytime soon? There seems to be various issues with the the search feature:

  • Search takes a long time
  • Results are not the best
  • Browsing through the results is a heavy (lot of lag) process
  • Does not scroll fast enough

I know this could be a product of having a lot of notes and Agenda being a baby application with a lot of growing up.

We will not doubt improve search over time, though it is not getting immediate attention.

We do have plans to tackle undo problems and performance (eg scrolling) as soon images/attachments are done.


Thank you for the note. Agenda has become my main note taking application and it would be very hard to move away from it, but it seems the search functionality is vital to my day to day and it will trigger me to re-evaluate all the alternatives.

The developer team is doing a great job, but it’s hard to work with a slow and kind of broken feature. Most likely will need to go back to doing text notes until Agenda matures a bit more.

Dont take me wrong, the application is solid and it does not crash. Otherwise I would still be using dayone or bear.

A bit surprised you find the search slow. We are using fast tech for the actual searching.

What could be slowing things down is just presenting the search results, ie, showing the notes, and highlighting the words. That aspect should improve, with any luck, when we tackle the general performance issues in the coming months.