Search results highlight things that aren’t matches

What I did: Searched for “ad hoc” – which matches a project title: “MSG guidelines committee (ad hoc)”

What happened: Agenda highlighted some things that don’t match


What I expected: Only highlight matching content

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): macOS 10.13.6, Agenda 9.0

I think I have seen this bug too. Is it possible the io was left over from a previous search? Seems we might have some search highlighting get stuck at times.

Hard to say… I have never searched for “io” though. And it doesn’t consistently highlight “io” either. You can see that it’s not highlighted in “elections” in the line above.

Hmm, possibly something you edited in the past, and the highlight stuck there. Difficult to say what is going on, I have to admit.

We plan to look into the search highlighting. It has a few issues.