Search result can be partially covered by iOS keyboard

What I did: I tapped the search icon in the top left corner on my iPhone. I typed some text to search for.

What happened: Results started being displayed (without hitting the Search button on the keyboard). I started scrolling the result list but the keyboard covered the bottom of the list. I had to hit Search on the keyboard to make it go away. (Search term also remained highlighted even after cancelling the search but that’s a separate, known issue.)

What I expected: When I start scrolling the search result list the keyboard disappears (like in Bear).

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 9.1.2 (regular App Store version), iOS 13.3

It’s an interesting suggestion. Will consider it. I guess scrolling is a reasonable indication you are done typing, but not 100% sure. Can imagine people type a few letters, scroll a little to see if they quickly find something, and otherwise keep typing. If the keyboard disappeared, it might be annoying in the case.

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