Search popover sticks

Don’t know if this is intentional?-

Select Search All
Enter parameter
Wait for search to finalize and results to appear
‘Jump’ to Today
Search Parameter screen remains on screen.
Select a Project and the Search Parameter screen remains.

iPadOS 13.3, iPad 2018

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Jep. I already reported that. Same here. Thank you.

Thanks to both for reporting. Will add to our list.

Hi guys, I’m trying to reproduce this issue but can’t. Are you both on 13.3? Normally when you go to search all, the search field should expand and therefore show the popover. Can you make a video of what you do perhaps?

  1. My mistake, I’m on 13.2.3, AND
  2. Now I can NOT reproduce it either.

If it ‘happens’ again, I’ll try to reproduce and post video.
Plus, I’m waiting to update to Agenda TestFlight Beta 9.1.1

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