Search menu does not disappear

Tap on search icon.

Type in anything that can’t be found i.e. dxpww0sksm3

Tap on a category or project.

Tap on the X in the search field to clear it (do not use the backspace key of the keyboard)

The menu “Search tag, persons, all” appears and it’s almost impossible to hide it again (except you select one of the three options and clear the search field with the backspace key of your keyboard)

Good luck!

iPadOS 13.3 beta 3. Agenda 9.1

Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look.

I am seeing the same problem.

Are you also on the 13.3 beta?

We have not received further reports in the public 13.3 release, please let us know if this still happens to you and if so under which conditions.