Search: just can’t search in traditional chinese?

as title, try many times but still fail. any solution? thx. :frowning:

Interesting. So you type chinese in the search box, and it doesn’t properly filter the notes that have that text?


exactly. btw, the tradition chinese doesnt show up in the TAG dropbox as well, but english no problem. ><

Can you explain what you mean by the “tag dropbox”? Perhaps post a screenshot of that?



Same here.
It seems it need a stop word (for example, a space char) before or after the search term to make it work.

Test 1

  • Search term: 中文
  • In the note: 測試中文你好
  • Result: Search result not found
    ![00 PM|690x409](upload://9NF0frJgEkzWrFpEwnRMZdF8AfD.png)
    ![35 PM|690x345](upload://j9O5AKPLoI4crO25s1aP4aipW4y.jpg)

Test 2

  • Search term: 中文
  • In the note: 測試 中文你好 (a space before the term)
  • Result: Found

Test 3 - The tags dropdown list.

Work for me.

![04 PM|397x500](upload://m1fSIHJkvb7aQDwrjf9jMKuVgkP.png)

p.s. I can only attach one image in one post (Discourse policy). So I comment them out and leave only one image.


I think this actually makes sense in the context of how our search is working. It matches the beginning of words. In this case, you are trying to match the middle of a piece of text, which doesn’t work at this point.

We will investigate whether it is feasible to do this. It will depend a bit on our search technology.


Thank you Drew.

Yes, in CJK languages, words are not separated.

OK, I see now we didn’t do a good job of this. We will look into improving it.



@drewmccormack i just found that once i am searching in Traditional Chinese the title of note cannot be seachable. for example, i set 元大銀行 as the title of my note and i search for all not 元大, there is no result…

Indeed this part of the search is still weak, and we’re not very satisfied by search in general, it’s very high up on the list of things we want to address over the next few bigger updates. Stay tuned!

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@mekentosj Thanks for the response, yes, it would definitely be good to have a much better serach on Agenda! Thanks.

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to update my experience, that I add a keyword, says 中文, for no result and if only then the 中文 will be called out in the result, not sure if all CJK will be the same. Look forward to the upcoming updates. :slight_smile:

@mekentosj do you have any update the the search?

Things should have already improved quite a bit in Agenda 16 and will be further improved in Agenda 17, but the biggest improvements will come hopefully later in the year if we will rework search in a big way. We’ll then pay special attention to making things work with Chinese.

@mekentosj thanks for the update, look forward to have a more powerful search both in English and Chinese. Thank you.

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