Search in Spotlight not reliable

What I did:

  • Inserted a tag #Test1 and a person @Test2 into a note.

  • Entered the tag #Test1 and later the person @Test2 in the Spotlight search field on the iPhone.

What happened:
Spotlight does not return any results for exactly these two search terms #Test1 and @Test2

There are also different results for shortened forms of the searched terms:

On iPad no results for @Test !

Strange, yesterday on the iPhone this result

The results are partly quite ok, but on iPhone and iPad different and with very similar tag or person names it gets more complicated.

What I expected:
Spotlight delivers an exact result for #Test1 or @Test2 (on both devices) and I can then open and view the relevant note in Agenda.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
iOS+iPadOS+Agenda = current versions

The issue here is that the general Spotlight index on the phone doesn’t have the knowledge about the # and @ characters and most likely strips them off during indexing. That context is only present inside Agenda and in its own search.

Yes, that sounds plausible.
For me, it would be ok if Spotlight would always suggest the agenda for any search term in “Search in apps”. Unfortunately, this is not offered for every search.
Here are just 2 examples.
The search with agenda is offered for “Martin” and not for “Test”.

But I suspect it’s a problem with iOS and not with Agenda.

Indeed whether it shows that option seems highly unpredictable, but unfortunately isn’t something we have control over :frowning: