Search Function > Calendar search by month / custom date range

Is there a way to search all the notes that I have created in Jan 2018 or by a custom date range?

You can search all notes that have a date in January. If you always add a date to your notes, that would be all of them. If you have notes that are undated, they won’t appear.

To do that, click in the search bar, then use the calendar control next to the search bar to set the date range. Either drag across the dates, or use shift click to select the range.

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Got it! Thanks Drew.

I was too ingrained with Google Analytics’ calendar function.
GA’s interaction for setting the date range is 1st click for Start Date, 2nd click for End Date.

Never thought of dragging across dates :smile:

This works too but you need to keep the shift key pressed when selecting the end date.

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Hello Drew,
Can it be done on ipad OS Agenda app? Tried it both way but none works.

Thank you

On iPad you can simply press and hold then drag to select a day range (note that the calendar can scroll from month to month there)