Search - found note disappears

What I did:

  • searched on a term in Search All
  • clicked on the title above the results to navigate to the note I was seeking
  • the search term was highlighted in the note, making it distracting while I was reading the note
  • so I clicked the x in the search box to clear the search term

What happened:

The found note dissappeared and the empty search all screen was visible

What I expected:

The found note to remain in place without the search terms highlighted.

I suspect this might be because I didn’t bring the note properly in focus by editing it. But I didn’t need to edit it, I just wanted to read it for reference.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Version 12.0 (175) - Mac App Store

We have plans to revamp the search workflow down the road, which should also address this limitation.

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