Search for related notes in project (Solved)

I’ve got a lot of daily notes, stretching back for years; each year is in a separate project. I was thinking about taking my oldest years and moving it to the file system out of Agenda. I would have to search for them in a different way.

But I have backlinks from those daily notes to client focused notes in Business/Client Notes/‘Client’ and I want to see if there are any back links in those projects I want to remove.

Is there any way to search for those backlinks?

Edit: I looked for them manually.

Have you considered archiving them? Out of sight, but available if you need them and all links still active.

I find internal links in a specific project with it:
\link(internal) AND \project(project name)

I don’t know the option for the corresponding link pairs. Would perhaps be an interesting extension to the search.
Irrespective of this, I also archive old daily notes annually and as long as this doesn’t slow down the agenda, I keep everything in the agenda database. I don’t currently know of any important reason to outsource the notes.

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