Search for people

What I did:
Typed the name of a person, both with and without the @ sign, in the search all box
What happened:
While I was typing, entries appeared in the main window that contained the search term being typed. When I clicked on the option Search for People, everything in the main window disappeared and there was the message that nothing existed with my search term
What I expected:
That the main window would retain the items containing the rearch term
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Everything current

You mean you had a person tag in the notes, such as @Tom, and then you searched for Tom in the search field, and selected the person option, and the note did not appear?

Was the note in question in the current list of notes? The initial search works as a filter on the current list. If it was not in the list, you need to choose the “Search All” option when you search.


Thanks, Drew. I’m searching in “Search All.” To give a example, if I start typing “sam” in the Search All search box, the window will show everything from #Sam to “same” in the Welcome Sample Project. If I then click on the drop-down option to Search for People (@sam), I get nothing in the window – even though I have plenty of @Sam entries. I have tried every permutation I can think of, and I get the same result.

Could it be related to the letter case? Eg. @sam versus @Sam?

No, I’ve tried every permutation and none of them work. Interestingly, when I search for Sam and click on Search for People (@Sam), the result reads “No notes matching @sam if any of your projects” - note the change in case.

Tried it again after the update to 1.2, no difference.

Hmm, it is definitely working for me, with lower and uppercase, so I suspect some sort of a glitch with your copy.

What happens if you go to note, delete one of the @sam tags, and retype it, wait a few seconds, and then search?


No difference, either upper or lower case search.

This may or may not be related, but the program is still using a ton of resources – currently 1GB.

Hmm, can you try this then:

1a. Quit Agenda

  1. Click on Finder

  2. Choose Go > Go to Folder

  3. Enter this (or copy across)

    ~/Library/Containers/com.momenta.agenda.macos/Data/Documents/Agenda/DerivedInfo/Full Text Search
  4. Drag the folder “Full Text Search” to your Desktop.

  5. Re-launch Agenda


When I do that, searches turn up nothing at all.

In case it’s relevant, the issues I’ve described happen on two different machines with separate installations and re-installations of the program

Do other searches work? If you search for a tag, for example?

With that folder in its normal location or moved outside as you had requested earlier?

Yes, the search for a tag worked with the Full Text Search folder in its original, intended location.

Ok, now I think I see the situation. I created a note and put @Sam in the body of the note rather than its title, and searching for it worked. I guess my problem is that most of my notes so far have all the information in the title, including the people with the @ right in the title. So I take it that I should instead leave the @ out of the title and put the people’s names also into the body as a special kind of tag?

Is it contemplated that in future versions searches for people and tags will include note titles?

Thanks very much.

Ah, OK, we were on two different pages. That makes sense now.

Yes, for now you certainly should put the tags in the body. We don’t do the tagging in titles at the moment.

I’ve noted that you would like to have that.