Search for calendar events

Hi - is it possible to search for a calendar event using search in Agenda? I’ve never been able to and would like to know if the new premium “Open Quickly” feature or any other recent update allows this? Right now if I’m looking for an event I want to link a note to I’ve got to search my calendar, find the date, then return to agenda, go to that date and create a new note linked to that event

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It’s currently not yet possible to filter the calendar on event title, which is what you’d like to be able to if I understand you correctly?

Hi yes that is what I was referring to, event title or invitee, etc, thank you for the clarification! Is it a feature you’re looking at rolling at any point in near-ish future?

We’d like to but it’s technically challenging I’m afraid, we’ll see if we can make it work at some point.

Fair enough! Fantastic app btw and happy to subscribe to support ongoing development and maintenance

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