Search #due(today)

I have a note that appears as a search result from #due(today) that doesn’t have any hashtag. How can that be?

Did it perhaps previously contain the hashtag?

Yes sure. I mark my ToDos with this hashtag and have saved a search that shows me the ones that are due. When I finish the task, I remove the check mark. Can you suggest a better approach here?

Does it make a difference if you select a project and re-select the saved search? Similar with quitting and restarting the app?

Unfortunately not. I also edited the note from within the project and tried other hashtags. If the note is still marked in yellow as active in a project, I have noticed the phenomenon before. But it’s now unchecked and doesn’t have any hashtags on it.
Even restarting the app does not help. Other ToDos made today, for which I have removed the marking, have been removed from the search result - as it should be.

I have now deleted the note and created a new one.
Hopefully that doesn’t happen more often.