Search doesn't work as expected - can't find letters


I have a word for example “FaceID”.

It’s only possible to find a word from the beginning of it’s letters (“Fa”), but not any letter in the word (“ce” or better example “id”).

This isn’t very helpful when I try to find specific letters, even some letter combinations are used in many words without the context. But I don’t care about this. Human eyes can ignore this.

Thank you and merry xmas!

Indeed this isn’t possible yet, we hope to bring improvements to search in 2020 and will take your feedback on board.

Thank you for the answer.

Search for “day” find “today” and “holiday” and of course anything which started with “day” in your included examples, but not “saturday”, which I have added. Really strange behaviour:

That’s indeed strange, we’ll investigate what’s going on.