Search: Date ( 12/18, Dec 18, Dec, ...Etc)

Hi Agenda,

When a Note Can be assigned to a Date, The search must support the date. For Example, If i type “Dec18” or “12/18”…etc. I should get the results of the notes linked to that first date and then it can show remaining results…Its the Basics Right?

Date searches are supported by the date filter next to the text filter. It is much easier to use than date formats, and supports date ranges easily too.

  1. The Date Filter is only useful if i want to pick a date from current /previous month.
    What if i want to select the list of notes i created in July 2017? I need to do 20-30 mouse clicks to go back and pick the date. Its not easy.

  2. The calendar is just showing just the dates. It should display more than that, like a Dots for each notes in each day ( Like Noteplan). For Example, I created a note in Dec 2017, now I dont remember the date. Currently the only way to find the note is to navigate to Dec2017 and select the whole month and filter.its a long process…its not user friendly. When i pic a month i should see all the dates have notes in it, so i can focus on the date only.

  3. There should be a filter menu for “Checklist / Todo” “Attachment” “Tags” “Pictures” to show the respective items. For exapme, I created a Todo list month backand i completed only few and some are still open, how can i filter the open todo list? same way filter the attachment and pictures.

More powerful search options are planned. Eg. Now you can search for things on the agenda, but we want to extend that to other options (eg done, etc).

I disagree that searching in the calendar control is less user friendly than a text search where you have to know the appropriate format etc. Clearly that is a more pro feature. Perhaps it could be supported at some point, but the calendar is already pretty powerful.

Thanks for the feedback. We will see what we can do.

Just chiming in, note that the date filter also works with date ranges, if you’re not sure when it was precisely you can select a date range to filter on.