Search based on emoticons


I want to congratulate the development team. I can search based on emoticons which I use extensively to categorise my source of information (which Evernote does not).

Examples: :newspaper_roll: for articles, :page_facing_up: for papers, :books: for books, :balance_scale:️ for laws and regulations, :link: for links, :spider_web: for websites…

Now I can’t wait in the coming versions for enhanced search features with boolean operators mixing emoticons with text like: emoticon AND text within a line, a paragraph, a note or a project.

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Thanks for the feedback, Flo!

This doesn’t seem to work for me. Is there a trick? For example, I tried adding emoticons in my note for emphasis, but searching for :1st_place_medal: doesn’t find any “notes matching “:1st_place_medal:” in any of your projects."

Indeed, emoji’s aren’t currently indexed, something we hope to improve in a future update.