"Search All" is … sort of … slow

What I did:
Typing keywords in the Search All input box.

What happened:
Once I start typing in the Search All my laptop goes into waiting, entire word appears in the search inbox with a delay of 1 second or longer.

What I expected:
Search results come out smoothly, like how “Spotlight Search” does.

As of now search works fine so I can live with it. I noticed that search results are generated on the fly. I image searching starts to work as soon as I started to type. If the delay comes from rendering the search results, perhaps it’s helpful to consider to start full text search and render results when I finished typing, like trigger searching X microseconds after I stopped typing? Just some thoughts.

Macbook Pro 2016, MacOS 10.13.2, AgendaDesktop verion 2.2.1.

I doubt the delay is just searching. We have a powerful search engine built in. The delay is more likely just building the notes to appear on screen.

We have just improved search performance, and it will be in our next minor release very soon.

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