Search all is slow

Hi, I have been using Agenda for a month or so.
I think “search all” is remarkably slow.
I am afraid what will happen in the future when I really start to add a number of records…
Is this something you are aware of already ?


In what way do you find it slow? It is based on very powerful search tech, and should also scale very well.

Do you mean it is slow to type? Or slow to see all the results? Or something else?

Hi, thanks for your reply.
I am comparing the search speed to what I am used to in either osx notes (incl. graphics) or Wunderlist (with a lot more records).
My issue in Agenda is that the time from hitting return to the show results appear is remarkably slower. It also comes with the spinning ball. Could it be due to my database being mixed with imported osx notes and manual entries ?

Update: It seems to be better on my MBP i5 running version 2.2
I now see that the other i7 MBP is running version 2.1.1


I would be surprised if those differences affected search much. I am more inclined to suspect you saw some background activity like sync, and that that slowed your search temporarily. Let us know if you can narrow down the problem a bit more.

You are right. I now experienced same behaviour on both machines.
Only high CPU usage background process (according to Act. Monitor) when searching all is Agenda (up to 100%)
I am running Little Snitch and Dropbox - are these apps known to cause issues ?

You can use Activity Monitor app in Applicatons/Utilities to look at CPU usage of the apps.

It’s possible the CPU usage is just Agenda, but that it is doing two things, such as searching as well as syncing.