Scrolling performance

I just wanted to speak up and see if anyone has a similar issue or if I am imagining things.

While scrolling notes in Agenda quickly I find scrolling is quite jerky and could be more fluid. In other note taking apps or to-do apps it’s much smoother.

I am on a 10.5” iPad Pro with all latest updates etc.

I also find the sidebars a little finicky but it’s a lot better than it used to be when I first tried Agenda.

Are these areas that are already been brought to attention or being worked on already? I’m closely watching Agenda and the app is getting better every time I check it out.

I a, currently using Things 3, Bear, Gmail/outlook, and Google Calendar (previously fantastical 2) as my workflow. With certain feature enhancements, as others have pointed out, I can see myself replacing some aspects of what I use currently. I’m looking forward to the future of Agenda.


We are aware that scrolling could be improved, and have plans to address it.

We recently spent a lot of time improving editing performance, particularly for large notes. Scrolling is next on the performance list.

Note that Agenda is not like other note taking apps in that it shows many notes in one scroll. Other notes just contend with the text of a single note, which is a lot less resource intensive. We have to come up with very creative ways to get things smooth and fast. But we have plans for that, and it has worked out quite well for text editing performance.


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Hope scrolling proble couble be soved soon

We have a number of scrolling improvements coming in the v11 update soon.