Screenshots not saving from new share extension

What I did: took a screenshot

What happened: sent it to a new Agenda note via the share sheet extension. All I get is a paper clip with “image”, that does nothing.

What I expected: the image to appear

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda 10.1, iPad 13.5.

I can add the same screenshot via Photos, and it works fine. Bit perplexed!

Correct, this is indeed a bit puzzling, it has to do with how the system packages screenshots, we’re investigating which exact format Apple is using.

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Good news, I believe to have fixed this in the next update, let me know if that’s indeed the case once it’s out.

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May not be the appropriate thread to raise this question I’ve been meaning to ask, but, I was wondering if you could include either in the Share sheet or part of the Settings UI an option to save a photograph/image to something less than full size? Adding images that easily reach 4-5 meg from an iPhone/iPad to a text note that is measured in bits seems to be ‘wasteful’ re:storage, not to mention syncing.

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Not a bad idea indeed, problem is that we are already very memory constraint and doing the resize might push it over the edge. We’ll take a look if it’s possible.

Don’t know if the same API/method Apple uses for sizing while sending an existing photo in Camera Roll to someone using the Mail app would/could be used in Sharing a photo/screen grab to a note.

Sure, that’s all possible, problem is, in order to resize we need to basically have up to twice the amount of memory available, and it’s already ridiculously little we get (100Mb).

I have faith in you! :wink:

Brilliant! Thank you for looking into this for me.

For now, my work around is to take the photo, email it to myself by selecting the smallest size, then Share it to the specific Note (with the new Share option). 1.4 meg becomes 73 KB.

I assume you know you can Edit Photos on the Mac with Preview, by right clicking on a photo in Photos and choosing Edit With > Preview or use the key combo Command-Return after selecting a photo.
None of this is possible on the iPhone, though Apple really should offer Preview on the iPhone, as well as a way to adjust image size in the Photos app on both Mac and iOS.
One option is to open the photo on your phone then do a screen capture, then crop accordingly (photo size depends on screen resolution and orientation).
Or, there are many 3rd party options for iPhone, some “free” ad sponsored apps but cheap enough to also just buy, saving you a few steps.

Image Size is one of the better and optionally cost $4 to get rid of ads: ‎Image Size on the App Store

ImageResize(free) and ImageResize Pro ($8) are also worth a look. ‎ImageResize on the App Store