Screenplays and Books

I tried to post into the discussion about scaling up, but somehow, I cannot. So here I am.

I have become so enamored of Agenda that I have decided to use it the “wrong” way, as a text app for large scale projects. Since I recognize that Agenda doesn’t recommend we use it on this scale, I take full responsibility. (I backup my projects every day to RTF INN Dropbox) I will never complain if it cannot handle the scale.

Thus far, I have been please by its performance. My books are broken into chapters and my screenplays broken into acts and scenes. My notes from Publishers and networks are included.

In addition, I am using all of the project planning and scheduling functionality with great success.
In have a large production company and am allowing myself to be a guinea pig for this application. For those who care, I would be willing to share my findings.

Today’s finding: the sync across devices is fast and reliable, even with large projects.


Great to hear that! Let us know if you find particular bottlenecks.

I have used it for time sensitive research and articles before. It could work really well for a book, as you can say I want this chapter or section to be finished by this date - and then set all the reminders and tags to research inside of Agenda.


Sure. Share your findings, by all means.