Scan Bug

What I did: Scan four sides of a document

What happened: After saving the pages are not in the same arrangement as scanned

What I expected: Saving all pages in the same way as scanned

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): iOS13 iPhone X, Agenda 8.0.2

Can you explain? Are they in the wrong order?

I have the same issue here. Using my iPhone SE iOS 13, I scanned a three-page document. Once it was incorporated in Agenda, I opened the note on my MacBook Pro (High Sierra). When I open (or preview) the document, the page order is reversed from when I scanned the document. The first image I took is at the bottom of the document and the last image I took is at the beginning of the document.

Hmm, that is very odd, because a scan is just a PDF. Are you certain you weren’t confused on the original device about the order?

We will investigate.

OK, I see you are right. It seems the order is exactly back to front. We will fix this. Thanks for reporting it.

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