Saved Searches in Projects

Being able to save searches within projects or category. For instance if I have a project with various status, it would be nice if the saved searches could only be shown and saved within the specific project.

Indeed we’d like to offer more options constructing overviews, including the ability to limit the scope to certain projects or categories.


Is this a thing yet? I dont want to have to tag every note as “work” because I cant do seperate overviews.

For something as broad as Work/Home, you may be better to create a top level category, and put all your work categories in that. That’s another way to separate them.

Hey, thanks for the reply. They are in top level categories, but I want to be able to save a catagory search related to only work notes. Such as reveiwing the last 5 days of notes on Friday to make sure I completed all the set tasks. The current catagory search I have saved does this but it will also show personal tasks, or other notes from other top level categories.

We do have plans to make big improvements in the search, such as finding unchecked items, but it is a major project. In the roadmap.

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