Saved relative date searches and “on the agenda"

What I did:

Created a saved search: Tag name contains due( Next Four Weeks)

What happened:

Only notes with due in next four weeks that also have the On the Agenda” flag (orange dot) set appear

What I expected:

I don’t understand the dependency on the On The Agenda flag?

Things that might be helpful to know

Agenda v7 macOS


(and thanks too to @Pat_Maddox for his interview on the iPadPros podcast introducing me to these creative ways of using Agenda)

It sounds like you had the On the Agenda filter active (the orange dot on the left of the expanded search field) when creating the overview, if you turn it off it should not be included in the overview.


Thanks that was indeed the case – but that does highlight an issue with the saved searches that it’s hard to inspect and/or edit their criteria after they’ve been set up (and may not be reflected accurately by their default names. In the case I discussed the search was named “Tag name contains due(Next Four Weeks)” with no mention of the OnTheAgenda flag

Anyway – really appreciate the responsiveness here and am hugely impressed by the potential and your evident ambition for Agenda

That aspect can indeed be improved, I agree, will take it on board!