Save note with image as PDF

I want to make an automatic dump of my work-related notes, mostly for archival purposes (i.e. if I ever leave the company, the notes should remain and be readable by whoever replaces me). However I have run into an issue with images embedded in notes.If I save note as PDF from the GUI I get the desired result:

but when I try to do the same from Shortcuts I get this:

My shortcut looks like this:

am I missing something or is this a bug?

It seems like it is probably a bug. Nasty.

I will try to take a look at this.

It may be worth testing inserting a little pause between the various PDF steps. Perhaps the problem is that Agenda isn’t finished making the PDF when it gets saved, or something like that. Still a bug, but maybe you can workaround it.

I tried to add some delays as you suggested, but the result is still the same.

For reference - my shortcut with the delays:

OK, thanks for the update.

I don’t often work with attachments but it appears to me that the shortcut is only asking for text. To include attachments would be another step. For that attachment to be an image is another. Perhaps in your test note, try attaching to an image in photos. There are permission issues as well doing this via shortcuts. Have you tried running the shortcut with a note in a different app? Just tossing spaghetti. :four_leaf_clover: