S-GPT Shortcut

There’s a new Siri shortcut that’s pretty powerful called S-GPT, which allows Siri Shortcuts to execute actions you may ask to Chat-GPT: Introducing S-GPT, A Shortcut to Connect OpenAI's ChatGPT with Native Features of Apple's Operating Systems - MacStories

Do you think it would be possible to use AI powered prompts such as summarize, rewrite for agenda notes, using this shortcut? I think it is pretty doable, but I can’t understand very well how the shortcut works, so I can’t add such modifications.
I’m also not a macstories club member, if anyone is, it could be asked on discord to do that. It just needs a trigger that get Agenda note text, perform the action asked, replace the note text, or append; prepend to it.

Sure, it shouldn’t be too difficult to feed in the text of a note using Agenda provided shortcuts that precede this one. You can even have it work on the selected note. For example, you could in “pseudocode” create a shortcut that would:

  • get the text of the selected note in agenda

  • store it in a variable, say “noteText”

  • have the shortcut ask the user for a prompt and store that in a variable too, say “myPrompt”

    for example, the user could then type “summarise this note”

  • use that to construct a string "Given the note I took: [noteText], do the following: [myPrompt]

  • and send this string as input to the S-GPT shortcut

  • now you can chat with your note or ask it to summarise the note, generate the agenda for a future follow up meeting, translate it to Spanish, etc.

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I think I did it, but I can’t properly append the obtained text to the selected note, take e a look at the shortcut: Shortcuts

EDIT: Ok, I just found the issue. After executing the S-GPT shortcut, since it will ask if you want to go on, ask more stuff, when the shortcut end, you actually lose the text it obtained and, therefore, doesn’t append to the note. A solution would be an action that obtain the exact message S-GPT puts into the screen (such as creating a dictionary with every message on the screen and append the first value message to the selected note). IDK how to do that tough.

Good stuff! The last step seems more like a limitation of the S-GPT shortcut, best to ask the makers if it’s possible to capture the output in a shortcuts variable, you can then use that to invoke Agenda’s append-to-note action again.

If you have the MacGPT app, you will get the ability to use ChatGPT in-line with your work. They also provide a menubar item. I’ve been very happy with it.


Got a look at it, looks nice, but I need something to work on Mac, iPad, and I’d rather use a same trigger for all. I subscribed to macstories and Federico said he is going to implement a way to generate an output for the next action in the shortcut. Stay tuned if you are interested.

I just installed this. I’m going to use it to check out extremely verbose exam answers that one of my students submitted. His answers read exactly how I would expect an AI to respond.

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Yes, lazy students (lazy people in general) will do the lazy thing and just submit a simple prompt and return to you the first answer that pops up. Skilled users will design better prompts and may wash the answers through one or more additional AI tools to camouflage the answers from AI and plagiarism scanners. However, I would suggest that teachers embrace AI and learn how to use it and how to teach students when and how to use it. It is at the stage of calculators in the 1970s. Teachers panicked then as they are panicking now. These tools are here to stay.

Lol, you can ask chatgpt if he wrote the answer and he will tell you. Some students might use a trick to translate the answer to another language in another translator, then translate it back tough.

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Thank you so much for that information!
OK, I asked ChatGPT if it wrote the student’s answer and here is what it said:
Yes, I did write the passage you provided. It is a description of groundwater, its source, movement, and the methods for accessing it for irrigation and consumption. The passage provides an overview of the processes and factors involved in the formation and movement of groundwater, as well as the practical application of this resource through the use of wells.

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So, as long as I know, he really wrote it and you student’s answer wasn’t made by himself