Rules and Automation

Hi, I would like to request for this features. Especially if it will be connected with the other task management apps. Thanks a lot.

Can you be more specific?

Note that Agenda does have x-callback-url support for automations such as adding new notes etc.

In version 11, which is coming out just now, there is also support for basic actions. Eg. Type in \date to get the date inserted, etc.

Let us know what you had in mind.

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I love the basic actions. And hopefully, it will be expanded. Or maybe have user the option to customize it?

It would also be amazing if there would be if…then rules. Thanks a lot.

Examples of both are certainly welcomed

  1. For basic action, it’s like automating the templates that is already given.
    I will make a template named Meeting, it has these contents:


If I type \Meeting this template will automatically appear.

  1. For Rules, an example of that is:

If all these rules are met:
Name contains Meeting
Tag contains work
Checklists are Checked, No

Send Checklist to Omnifocus

Something like that. I know others can give better examples.

We’ve indeed been thinking of adding the \template(meeting) type action, but it didn’t make the 11.0 cutoff, we’ll have another look of how feasible this is.

For rules, not sure how much sense that makes inside Agenda, this is more the domain of shortcuts and x-callback-urls, which eventually we would like to allow for this kind of functionality.

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