RTF export no title

Hi there

Thanks for this impressive app!

Here my request:

If I export a note as RTF the title will not be exported. I would love to see the title not only to be set to „Untitled“.
Could you fix that?

Are you referring to the filename? And can you indicate the exact steps you take to export?

Sorry for not having been specific enough.

What I did

  • Press the little cogwheel on the bottom of a note and then “Share…” and select “RTF”.
  • Then I select it to be saved in DEVONthink or Dropbox.

What Agenda did

  • In both cases (DEVONthink and Dropbox) the title is not specific, while if you do the same with “PDF” instead of “RTF” it saves under a meaningful title.
  • Same applies to exporting whole projects.

What I expected Agenda to do

  • Save the RTF file under a meaningful name in the same way it does for PDF exports.

I think the possibility to have strong export options is important for not feeling locked in. Moreover, there should be an option to export all notes inside a project in the form of many single files with one click.

Ok, that’s clear, we’ll have a look.