Room For Growth With User Defined Variables,

Any possibility of ever adding a small number (table) of user defined variables for data which is not conducive or practical to one-off determination? Data types such as booleans, date/time, integers. Optimally on a per project basis.

Can you be more explicit? How are these variables to be used? In combination with actions somehow?

At some point it becomes a Turing complete programming language :slight_smile: Not sure that is our goal.

Can you present a use case which would convey the usefulness of this?

Apologies, I got frustrated and marked it solved. I do think the Turing reference was a bit premature / over the top. I should have stated this as a “in principle” question.

  • I can only imagine 2 defined data types, date and integer.
  • The variables would be used per note to calculate a new value based on the previous.
  • A-B+C At completion C has been incremented, A becomes B and the next system supplied value becomes A. Yes, C is the note cumulative edit time. A is the current, B is the previous.
    From that, shortcuts could be used for:
  1. Current session note edit time(if desired)
  2. Agenda note cumulative edit time
  3. Time since last edit
  4. Cumulative total project edit time
  5. Cumulative total project dead time
  6. Cumulative total project time

Actually since this process fits the criteria

it could be part of the info/statistics screen. It’s not president setting. A very similar thing is done with the text stats, I don’t believe you could stop and count words for a 1000 word limit article. Event duration is another example of derived data already being used. The most important part of the process is already being done. BTW someone some time might even find a use for text stats with edit times.
PS: I got tired of manual tracking, checked out your suggestion and purchased Timing.