Rolling over today’s events

Quick question: do items added to the today section automatoically disappear the next day or do they roll over, down below so you can see past days? Essentially I want to know what happens if I add something to today and don’t get to it, where does it go / live? Thanks! Zach

The short answer is no, they don’t automatically roll over. The long answer is a bit more subtle and depends on how you assigned the date.

What’s shown in Today are notes that either:

  • have been assigned to Today or have a date range assigned that includes today (say “this week”), or

  • have an associated calendar event that is for today

We do not automatically change the date on a note for you, so if the day passes by it will no longer show in Today, unless:

  • tomorrow is also part of the assigned day range (again say “this week”), or

  • you assign a different day (range) to the note yourself, or

  • if you move the associated calendar event in your Calendar app, as this will change the date as well on the note.

This latter point is one of the way how in practise you could still have notes “roll over”. If you associate them to a calendar event and, like I often do, you push events you didn’t get to forward in your calendar to tomorrow, then they will show up tomorrow in the Today view.

Hope that helps.

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