Roll-over of date assigned notes

Notes with a date assigned will disappear in the past. Could you add feature to roll them over to today’s date for a certain period (for example 7 days) and then ask whether they should be carried forward, deleted or just let disappear in the past.

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I don’t think that would be something easy to understand for many people, instead I would suggest to use note-pinning (one of the premium features) that allows you to keep a note at the top as long as it’s relevant.

Thank you for your comment. I use premium features.

It works perfectly and simple in Actions from Moleskine on IOS.

If pinning to the top shall be the solution for the problem, it needs a setting “pin new notes to top” in the preferences similar to “Assign new notes to
today”. Notes pinned to the top should then be marked to show they’re pinned.

Thanking you for taking this into account.

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If you ever did have this feature I think you’d have to make it an option with the default Off. I use dates with notes to have the notes I need for a specific event (or to add information about the event after that event) and to have to make a choice each time the date passed would probably get a bit irritating. It would certainly be confusing if a note dated for an event had its date changed.

Why not place these notes “On the Agenda”?

I must chose a project and cannot post notes “on the Agenda”

Notes “On the agenda” are sorted per project.
What do you mean by not being able to put them ”On the agenda"?

What did you mean by advising to post „on the agenda“. Note: my problem is that notes will not show e.g. on „today“ if their date has elapsed, although they have not been marked as completed.

I know, but by having them “On the Agenda” they are easily available irrespective of their dates.
I use On the Agenda only for those projects that can’t easily be followed by using the Today, Tomorrow or This week, or any custom search.