Is anyone using Rocketbook and developed a workflow that they can share?

I almost exclusively take notes on my PC, using Agenda. However, there are occasions when I cannot use my laptop or my phone, leaving me to good old pen and paper. Rocketbook is a great tool to use pen and paper, take a picture, then it creates a PDF and a Google Doc, translating your written word into text.

Just curious to see how anyone integrates that into Agenda, if there is anyone out there who does use it.


Hi Bob,
Almost everything starts on paper and ends in the trash here. Things worth keeping go into Agenda, rephrased. That last bit works well for me because rephrasing almost always makes me think about what I wrote in the first place.
Writing with pen on paper makes remembering things more likely and is somehow more satisfying than typing. It’s also easier to throw things away - had I kept all my paper notes over the years, I would have wanted a bigger house.
Over the years I have discovered that throwing notes away (physically and rigorously) is not only weirdly satisfying but also necessary to focus on what’s important.
Rhodia is my favourite manufacture (excellent for fountain-pen writing).


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I use Rocketbook for notes quite a bit when I am out and about. I usually use the transcribe to email selection. That works a dream. When I get the email I just copy and paste into my note in Agenda and format it and make corrections as needed. Once it is formatted the way I want, I copy it and send it to email. There is an Agenda link added which I don’t really use. I paste the text and I am done. I think NotePlan can save your note to a PDF and email it that way, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it in Agenda because if I go to print the note to PDF, it prints all the other notes around it. Copy and paste still workd.
Then I wipe the Rocketbook page clean for use again.

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