Review: Introduce Agenda to Your Note-taking - Bicycle For Your Mind



A great review about Agenda was just published on [Bicycle For Your Mind], in which he gives his take on the business model behind Agenda, what he thinks are the strong and weak points, and what he believes makes Agenda unique. Enjoy and a big thanks to @macosxguru!

Some snippets, about the business model:

The usual subscription model makes your access to the use of the product contingent on whether you have an active subscription or not. Agenda doesn’t do that. If you paid a subscription for a year, you are entitled to use the product and all the features that were released during your subscription period for ever. You are not entitled to new features but you can continue to use the product.

About why Agenda might be confusing to new users:

Agenda is new. Nothing in the marketplace compares. Notes are usually stand alone documents. They might be associated with a topic or a project, but they have not been associated with a timeline or placed together in any convenient way before. This is new to the world software. Thus, confusing.

About what is there to like

There are a lot of things to like about Agenda. I like the innovations it brings to the genre. I like the focus on the community aspect of the application. I love how pretty it is.

Remember though that this is a program which requires a deep dive. If you use the program, you are going to go all-in on the program. […] If you like the demo and are comfortable with the paradigm of notes allied to the calendar that it provides, this is a unique application in the macOS space and it is well worth exploring.

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