Reverse Date Sorting of Notes in a Project

Notes are sorted in descending order of date. In one particular project I wanted to reverse this order so that the first of the month is listed at the top. As a new user I was clicking around when I first installed Agenda and I’m sure I saw an option to do this, but I can’t find it now. Am I mistaken, or is this possible?

Ken B

Go to your Categories & click on the one you want to change the order in, then in your Items screen click the Category name at the top, which should have a little downward-pointing arrow at the right-hand side. At the bottom of the Menu it will show you, there’s the option to reverse the order. Just click on that, & the order of your items is reversed :blush:

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Got it - I knew I’d seen it somewhere before. Thank you once again.



You’re very welcome - I did exactly the same thing at first, spent ages hunting for the command & only came across it again by accident :smile: