Resync Calendar?

What I did: I synced my Apple Calendar on my Mac

What happened: It imported all of the events that show up on my Apple Calendar, I unselected birthdays and holidays on my Apple Calendar and they don’t show up there but they do on Agenda.

What I expected: I was hoping that after rebooting the app the unwanted events (that no longer show up on my Apple Calendar) would go away. Is there a way to resync the Apple Calendar to Agenda, or perhaps unsync and sync again?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

There is control over which calendars show in Agenda. It is in Agenda’s settings. On Mac, choose Agenda > Preferences and on iOS open the right panel and press the button bottom-left.

I don’t think the settings in Calendar will have any effect. They are just to decide what Calendar itself will show. The Birthday calendar still exists in the database, it is just not shown by Calendar app. So you need the Agenda settings to control what to show.

Hope that helps!