Restore old templates

I’ve lost my templates after a clean install of my Mac mini.
What I did: clean install of my Mac mini

What happened: I’ve reinstalled Agenda, restored all my notes through iCloud synd but I’ve lost all templates, whereas they are avalaible in Agenda on my iPhone.

What I expected: my templates would be avalaible as well after reinstall en restore through iCloud.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Templates are stored in their own “project”. My guess is that that project simply hasn’t had time to sync up yet. If you wait, perhaps turning off the sleep function and just letting Agenda run, they should appear.

You need to wait until the clouds stop moving over the islands top-right.

You were right. It did however take a whole week.

Ugh, that should not be the case. Sorry for the trouble.

Sometimes a device may not launch Agenda for a while, and have data that it hasn’t uploaded. If you notice missing data, try starting Agenda on each device to let it sync up.

No problem, just recreated the template and improving it at the same time…