Resolve URLs to Web Page Title

Great software - I am just getting started and will clearly be a long-term user

Question - if I drag a web page favicon into an Agenda note, then the URL of the link resolves in the note to the title of the web page. That is very desirable.

However if I instead create a link by pasting the URL into the note or using the “Link To” feature, then the note shows the URL as the link title rather than the web page title. Could this be changed so the hyperlink name automatically resolves to the title of the linked web page?

Sounds like a nice feature. We will consider it. Thanks!

I think the dragging probably provides the title to Agenda, so it can be used, whereas the other approaches just give the link. Agenda would probably have to download the web page to get the title. Not impossible, but a step further than just grabbing it off the clipboard.

Thanks again!


I like the possibility that I can decide for myself if I want to include the URL of the website or the title of the website.
There are situations where one way is better than the other – and vice versa.