Resizing Window Lag

What I did: Laggy/delayed when resizing Agenda

What happened:

What I expected: Any workaround to fix this?

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): MacOS latest version/update - iMac 24” M1 2021

Now everything seems to be slow/lag especially when scrolling and already crashes a couple of times.

Uninstalling and reinstalling did not fixed the issue.

How many notes does this particular project have? Does it happen to contain a lot of notes with images/attachments?

There are multiple projects. Each projects include multiple notes with about an average of 5-10 images and pdf file attached each notes.

All notes are maximized. Also, lag/delay response has something to do when interacting with any attached files. Such issues occurs when right clicking the files as well.

Like I mentioned in the first post, I am experiencing more crashes when interacting with my files.

I just noticed the issue doesn’t occur any more when I deleted majority of files attached which shouldn’t be an issue in the first place.

Crash Report

The attachments are what causes the window resizing lag, it needs to redraw the attachments at a different size, which depending on the type of files can be quite costly. Unfortunately there’s not a lot we can do to workaround that.

Thank you.

I guess I would have to minimize/limit my attachments as a solution.

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I have the exact same problem, but in my case, the laggy response on window resize seems to be caused by long note headers and expanded notes and is not necessarily cased by attachments.

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Can you check if one of the two is the main culprit (i.e. long note title + short note content, or short title + long content)?

Upon taking a closer look, it seems that the lag begins when the middle pane is being resized. It happens with any content (long, short, collapsed, etc). The only time it does not happen is when I’m on the Today view in which there are no notes.


The resizing issue is gone but crashes still occurs even after removing most attachments.

Seems like crashes started after updating to the latest MacOS update.

Hmm, odd, we’ll try to look at the crash reports being logged.