Resizing window causes problems if no text in the active note

I know the problem of resizing windows has come up before, but I’ve just found it’s even worse if there’s no text in the active note

What I did:

  • resized Agenda window using Magnet. The active note had no text in it

What happened:

  • window is resized, but active note becomes messed up:
  • title is over three lines (despite being just 3 characters!)
  • body of the note disappears
  • unable to click in the body of the note

What I expected:

  • window to resize as normal (but this is often a problem using magnet)
  • to be able to at least get the cursor in the body of the text and start typing, this sometines makes disappeared text come back

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Version 13.1.1 (195) - Mac App Store

Suggestion: I understand that there’s some fundamental problem for Agenda with Magnet and similar utilities. Is it possible to at least partially solve the problen by making the action of ‘collapse note’ resize the window properly?

I work on a laptop without a second screen most of the time. I so often need to have Agenda and another app open side by side.

The problem is Magnet, I understand it’s frustrating but we can’t spend a lot of time on making things work with every possible third party app I’m afraid.