Resize images

I found the possibility to directly use the camera or import photos very important for meetings, but I wished the images could be resized after import. Would it be a lot to ask to do that? The reason is that I often export the notes to PDFs to share with collaborators, and the imported imaged create weird page breaks and stuff like that.

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We don’t allow resizing at this point. The images try to fit the width, although there is a maximum height. Perhaps we can consider more control in future. It is complicated by the fact that the images have to work across many different devices with different screens, so a fixed size wouldn’t work great.

Have you tried using thumbnails instead? They probably won’t interrupt the flow as much.

One more suggestion: you can export in RTFD (Rich Text with Attachments). Perhaps you could open up the export in MS Word or a similar program, and “clean it up a bit” before printing. Agenda is focussed on making notes fast, and so doesn’t offer the same flexibility for text styling that word or pages does.